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Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP (VOIP) is growing rapidly because it's able to turn techology into true cost savings. This cost savings comes from a number of advantages that VoIP has over traditional phone service. The most obvious and most talked about advantage of VoIP service is the fact that calls can be sent over the Internet much more cheaply than they can be sent over the traditional telephone networks. VoIP uses the existing network - the internet - to save money.

ProStar Technologies is able to provide our clients with cost-effective technology to replace traditional phone systems. We offer both Ooma Office and Asterisk systems that offer great advantages over traditional PBX systems. See below for what our VoIP PBX systems can offer.

PBX Features
  • Provide one single number that external callers can use to access all persons in a company.
  • Distribute calls to employees in an answering team in an even way; using the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature.
  • Automate call answering, but offering a menu of options from which a user can select to be directed to a specific extension or department.
  • Allow the use of customized business greetings while answering calls.
  • Provide system call management features.
  • Place external callers on hold while waiting for a requested person to answer, and playing music or customized commercial messages for the caller waiting.
  • Record voice messages for any extension from an external caller.
  • Transfer calls between internal extensions.
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